Quick guide: What are live dealer games?

29 July

Because of technology’s revolutionary advancement, many casino games have been developed online. People can now enjoy the luxury of playing their favourite casino games anytime and anywhere. With just one click, you have a plethora of games in the palm of your hand. Live dealer games online allow players to enjoy the same table games […]


Because of technology’s revolutionary advancement, many casino games have been developed online. People can now enjoy the luxury of playing their favourite casino games anytime and anywhere. With just one click, you have a plethora of games in the palm of your hand.

Live dealer games online allow players to enjoy the same table games from land-based casinos that they loved in the comforts of their home. Online live dealer games are run by real human dealers real-time. The games use traditional casino equipment including baccarat and blackjack cards, and roulette wheels and balls. Physical chips are the only thing missing in these games, but they’re still present through their virtual counterpart. 

Live dealer games work the same way as video streaming. Players can interact with dealers online in real-time, just like they do in a traditional casino setting. Because a real person is dealing the cards or spinning the wheel, and not a computer, there’s an element of trust during the game. Live chat is among the exciting functions when it comes to live dealer games. You can ask questions about the game and the dealer can immediately answer them. The betting process is also more accurate and faster than land-based casinos because players will be given a specific time to place their bets.

When it comes to cameras, live dealer games usually have more than one camera. For instance, the Roulette table has separate cameras for an overview of the table, wheel, and the overall display including the dealer. 

The Game Control Unit is the most important component of live dealer games because it is responsible for the encoding of the broadcasted video. Live dealer games usually consist of mandatory staff which includes a cameraman, croupiers, and an IT manager.   

Best online live casino games

You will find a wide range of live dealer casino games online from different sites. Many live dealer gaming companies and casino sites have made every effort to offer as many online casino games as possible. Here is a list of top online casino games you’re most likely to find: 

Live Dealer Poker

Poker is a game that involves a number of people playing against each other. Now, players can play against the house without having to search or wait for others to join. Online casinos quickly embraced this style of play, and more new games have emerged in virtual form. 

There are several types of live dealer poker that you can find online:

  • Live casino Hold’em – One of the most common variants of casino poker is Live Casino Hold’em. It takes all of the conventional Hold’em basic rules and pits you against the dealer. 

This game is relatively liked because of its simplicity and has a low house edge compared to its other variations.

  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker – This live dealer poker style is similar to five-card draw, with the player and dealer playing with 5 cards each. 

If the dealer has no Ace and a King, their hand will not ‘qualify.’ Meaning, the player will be paid more money on the Ante bet and none on the other. 

  • Live Three Card Poker – This game uses regular poker hand rankings though modified to on 3 cards rather than the original five. Your regular straights, flushes, pairs, and so on continue to work as expected.

Live Dealer Blackjack

All the best live dealer blackjack games feature real-time dealers that deal up to seven boxes for each table. The game uses eight 52-card decks in a shoe and are regularly reshuffled. Live dealer blackjack brings the real-life dimensions of ‘21’ right to your desktop or mobile gadgets.

The main aim in Blackjack is to get a score higher than the dealer, without going over 21 points.        

Additionally, out of all casino games, Blackjack has some of the most favourable odds. The house edge is very small and can be shifted to the player’s favour in certain situations. This makes blackjack one of the most appealing games to play. The house advantage is no more than 3% which is considered to be very low by today’s standards.

Live Dealer Roulette

Playing live dealer roulette online is the same as playing in land-based casinos. But instead of computerized random number generators, the game uses real-life dealers who will physically spin the wheel and let the ball drop into the slot. 

Live dealer roulette games might seem like something only high rollers can play because of its minimum bets that rarely go below $25. But there are live dealer roulette options that work for you. Some online roulette tables require bets for as low as a few cents per wager.     

Similar to other live dealer games and its counterparts in real life, live dealer roulette comes in a range of variations:

  • European Roulette – Aside from the better odds of winning, this variant is no different from other variations. The odds of a player winning the game is at 2.7% with European and 5.26% with American. 

French Roulette adds the insurance bet, which means that landing the ball at zero with the European table, your bet is protected and won’t be able to lose it. 

  • American Roulette – Online American Roulette is very popular. While many people prefer to play European Roulette, American Roulette still is highly sought after. 

The only difference of American Roulette with other variations is that there are 38 numbers on the wheel instead of 37. Additionally, its house edge is 5.3% instead of 2.7%.

  • French Roulette – French Roulette uses the same wheel as European Roulette. Both have a single zero as opposed to the two zeroes in American Roulette. Because of the application of the La Partage Rule and En Prison Rule, the house edge is decreased from 2.7% to 1.35% giving you an increase due to its application.

How to play Live Dealer Games

Now that you have an idea what games to play, it’s time to learn how you can play them online!

The first thing that you need to do is find an online casino that offers various live dealer games, so you can choose which one you’d like the best. Once you have chosen a site to play on, create an account and make a deposit.

Look in the casino lobby for a tab where you will find all the table games available. With every game, there are several tables that are divided by the level of stakes. Once you pick your table, a new window opens with the table and dealer you chose.  

Place your bets by clicking the table window on the built-in bet buttons. You’ll have to wait for everyone to make their bets because you might not be the only one at the table. 

When it comes to the online casino world, live dealer games are the way of the future. With its easy accessibility online, you will have lots of time choosing which game to play any time of day.

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